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To register for Twitter, post (tweet) once or twice, and then forget about it the next day.
Person #1: "I signed up for that status-website-thing a few months back but haven't touched it since."
Person #2: "You're such a Qweeter!"
by timish412 July 03, 2009
when someone nonchalantly spills liquids/foods or any object all over them without noticing one single bit
Guys, I qweetered all over my brand new Diane von Furstenburg dress
by qweetqueen August 03, 2010
one who has anal sex

can also be used as a verb, to qweet someone, and an adjective, fucking qweeting asshole
Did you hear he is a qweeter?
Yeahh he had anal sex with herr last weekend
by Kyee October 20, 2007
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