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A ghetto-fabulous bitch with lotsa attitude. She's got everything and more. The girl has a personality like queen, hence the name Qweenie. She expects to be treated like royalty and anything else in unacceptable. You gotta listen to everything she says or else off with your head.
Qweenie: Jump.
You: How high?
by Qweeny October 08, 2007
The most faaaaaah-bulous monarch in the whole damn land of Tartdom, despite what Fiji says and don't listen to her cause she's evil
"Ooooh....there's Qweenie! She has Calvin Klein on speed dial, you know!"
by qween tartii February 08, 2005
penis fart... how this can happen you say? I will tell you!! ok so a guy is lonely one night, he decides to jack off.....(look up jack off if u dont know what it means) ok you know when u squish something that is wet it makes a nasty squishy noise!!!! so he's jackin off and stuff, then! he squishes it and stuff and it makes a noise like plllpshhhh or sumthin and that's a qweenie hahaha!!!
your such a qweenie dude!!!
by jayrox!! June 17, 2010

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