1. With the intent to confuse, it is a response given by a male to a female person. The female may have been discussing a subject matter that he has no interest in perusing, or that he had ignored completely from the start.

2. noun: A flatulence of seemingly important information offered in conversation usually by a female, but sometimes by gay males.

A combination of the verb "qwefe", "qweef", or "queef" and the posing of a question "What?"
1. Bob was watching the game with 10 seconds left to play. He heard his wife in the background, " Have you heard a word I said?" He responded with a confused look, "Qwat?"

2. noun: Her qwat of talking seemed like a buzz in the background during the party.
by NoIDforMe April 11, 2011
A combonation of a verb and noun, Queef being the verb and twat being the noun. A queefing twat. Orgin, the fruit the cummy- qwat.
that bitch that dumped me was a qwat.
by Quint April 28, 2004

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