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A waffle made of cake batter in a belgian waffle iron.
The qwaffle can be made of any flavor cake batter (i.e. devil's food, white, funfetti, etc.) and covered with frosting.
The brightness of your socks. The brighter your socks are the more qwaffle you are. If the your socks are fuzzy, this adds to your qwaffleness.
WOW, you are quite qwaffleious today!
by i<3glee February 27, 2011
Much similar to the term"Queef" (Vagina fart), except to fart out of the penis.
What's that smell? I think Adam just "Qwaffled"
by johowavesand43 June 13, 2011
herpes infected homosexual
You are a qwaffle!
by THE MAN MAN101 October 13, 2009