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Qusais are very loving people, and can brighten anyone's day just by being them. They are emotional and sometimes insecure, but are very tender souls. Get on their good side, and you've made a friend for life.

Qusai are terrific lovers, but lack confidence, and may come off as inexperienced or "all talk". Truth is, they're unsure of others' intentions and will often hold back their own desires in order to satisfy others.

Qusais are very sensitive and emotional creatures, and tend to overthink everything. This somtimes leads to unneeded drama in the workplace, but is easily resolved through reassurance.

They also tend to have very overactive imaginations.

Qusais are very loyal and trustworthy, and make fantastic life partners.
"Wow, he's a real Qusai!"
by Misled December 23, 2011
Qusai is the name of the powerful god of sex in ancient arab world.
while having sex remember Qusai
by sex123123 December 20, 2011
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