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1. Quarter-pound (of weed, etc.)
Sally's frontin me a quop for $950.
by LiciousDee November 22, 2006
80 21
In the act of being suspiciously gay
Will the trombone player is such a QUOP!
Pronounced "Kwup"
by dill c. reilly January 14, 2010
18 27
quop stands for quality of pussy.... made in florida
i walked into this bar in debary, and the quop was horrible....

man i swear everytime we go to this bar the quop is so disappointing....

your quop is unacceptable
by itoldyallimadeupawordjlg March 26, 2010
15 29
A cop on a quad.
I was riding in Hillsville today and got chased by a quop
by spike07 August 18, 2008
14 31
An extremely firm, piece of coiled crap. Kinda like those fake dog poop things you can buy at a prank shop.
When I went to the bathroom, I regretted eating to much last noght for dinner. I had to take a huge quop.
by Brooke Downs August 09, 2008
8 31