Despite it's popular beginnings as a web site dedicated to online "quizzes" that often define personality types and what kind of characters you resemble, Quizilla formed and morphed into something similar, if not MORE popular, than Meaning quizzes no longer predominate, stories about celebrities and romances do.

Most of the "popular" stories are based on Harry Potter and written by teenage girls between the ages of 13-17. The actually good stories, however, are usually based off of some attractive male in a famous rock band. These are typically more matured and intelligent.

All in all, if you're looking for a good fanfic, try Quizilla. If you're looking for a good QUIZ, go to memegen.
WickedWench, FragileCliche, FailureByDesignerJeans are all good, popular writers on Quizilla.
by Jessosuarus October 15, 2005
A site where legions of infuriatingly fucktarded, rabid emo fangirls congregate to post fanfics and poems about Naruto, InuYasha and My Chemical Romance, even when its supposed to be a place for quizzes.
~*+*~ omfg a daet wiv sasuke pt. 45312434 clik haer!!!!!oneoneoneoneone ~*+*~

^ Typical "quiz" on Quizilla.
by AnonymousCunt February 03, 2008
A place for fangirls to write teenie stories about themselves getting with a member in a band they are only a poser fan of. They just think the particular member is hot and don't give a damn about anyone else in the band because they're too stupid to realize it takes all of them to make the music. The stories tend to be unrealistic, stupid, and quite a waste of time. I often find myself falsely inflating their ego by telling them I like their story when, in reality, it sucks. I feel bad for them.
Me: I like your story on quizilla.
Teenie: Really?
Me: No.
Teenie: Oh. I'm gonna slit my wrists know.
Me: Why don't you just go add another chapter to your Draco story? How about another sex scene?
Teenie: Good idea. Thanks.
Me: Make him a vampire.
Teenie: That's good too.
Me: Then make him and Harry make out.
Teenie: Kay, but then can I get back with him?
Me: It's your story.
by Black_My_Eyes November 19, 2006
Quzilla. A site that was once an extremely basic quiz making site, providing hours and hours of mindless fun.

Slowly but surely, bad Harry Potter and Anne Rice fanfiction began to creep onto the site. Eventually, the admins embraced this, allowing people to publish fanfics and people began to post original stories.

More and more functions have been added over the years, such as games and a huge dictionary of sorts entitled the Zillapedia. Recently, new story, poem, lyrics and scored quizzes editors have been added to the site, along with a forum which has proved highly popular.

Unfortunately, within Quizilla, there is a battle of sorts to get onto the "Highest Rated" list, and tons of wannabe fangirls write extremely bad bandfics with very bad grammar to try and get on them. Unique ideas no longer exist on Quizilla.
"Dude, you been on Quizilla?"
"No, what is it?"
"Like, quizzes, fanfics and stuff."
by anonymous, innit. August 29, 2006
An internet site which holds thousands of pointless quiz type things, with titles such as, "Which Blazin Squad song are you?" However, it's a great way to fill time and you can laugh at the people who make up the Quizs with names like, "How muchof a busted fan are you???"
Damn it's 3.30am and i can't sleep. I'll go on Quizilla
by Jenny Bottomley May 03, 2004
As the other three pages of definitions have stated, quizilla, once a site for quizmaking like 'What fantasy creature do you most resemble' and 'what book should you read next' has become overrun with desperate, lonly fangirls/fanfictionsmost of which have been written in class time when they could be learning something useful.

But seriously guys, it is amazingly addictive and no matter what, you CAN NOT deny that you secretly love it.

There is alot of good writers out there, and from reading any hundred thousand of the good stories out there you tend to pick up::

1) Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
2) Writing skills (seriously)
3) Extra knowledge about anything from bands to your maths homework

Now go to quizilla, and entertain yourself with hours of mind-boggling fun (:

(And yes, my example is just picking fun)
Girl One: Lyke, ohmegawwwd. I read this amazing fanfiction one quizilla last night
Girl Two: Who was it about????
Girl One: I duno, but it was HOT. It was all like, sex, totally had me wet.
Girl Two: ONGZ!!!! totally send me the link!
by ONGZbelle February 09, 2008
A website that used to be great but has been overrun with retarded, repetitive quizzes like, "which of mi frendz r u??" And the forum has been overrun with ignorant asses as well.
I went on Quizilla before it got lame.
by Charles Chilly December 28, 2007

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