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The smartest & funniest member of the group.
Also known for his witty remarks and rich imagination
Yesterday I hung out with a real Quizard, he truly is one of the funniest people I know.
#funny #smart #witty #imagination #remarks
by 4chanofficial May 19, 2013
A Quizard is someone who is really good at or excels at Quiz's
Yorkshire Alan ''We we're down't pub with Barry other night, he was a right quizard and got us first place in pub quiz''

Birmingham Pete ''Oh nan you are a right quizard, you knew every answer on 'The Chase', you should go on''
#quiz #quizard #weekly #chase #birmingham #yorkshire
by LemonyWizard July 11, 2014
A poop weighing over 15 pounds.
I pooped real was a quizard!
#qwizard #quiz tard #chicken #poop #wizard
by Dr. Nantucket D. Sillybottom February 24, 2009
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