Top Definition
Your face, and anything else negative.
He was acting quix, so I kicked him in the nuts.
Holy mother of Quixirytar, she's really stupid.
#idiot #stupid #ugly #imbecile #annoying
by Sheed-Z April 05, 2015
The act of sneaking into your friends room when they arn't there and leaving wierd things on their computer.
Quix- present tence
Im going to go look up penis pumps on ebay on my friends computer and leave it up. Im going to quix him.

Quixed- past tence
My friend searched for animal porn on google and left it up. That bastard quixed me.
#prank #joke #trick #wierd #silly
by Dragon_mesiah April 10, 2006
fake, joking, crazy,
Hey Tony did you show Richard your new quix id?
#fake #joking #crazy #poser #sideways
by Cole89 February 07, 2010
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