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Anyone born and/or raised in Quirindi as a consequence of the inbred breeding programs held there.
Quirindians usually dress as complete rednecks or as eminem inspired wiggas. They are the equivalent of a dale rat, only more ashamed of their family history so they move way out country to hide their incestual needs. It has been suggested the water from Quirindi has a high urea content from dirty sheep and cows.
"See that Quirindian there: working as a panel beater, well everyone knows he shit himself on the football bus trip back at school." - Tamworth resident

"I heard that Quirindian shat on his sisters face while he pulled his pants down to do a fart on her and he accidently released diarrhoea shit onto her face, eh bloke" - Perrett's Bus Driver
by Heath Boase July 15, 2006
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