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A Quinnicorn is a magical human being whom was sprung from the seed of a unicorn tear at the night of a full moon. She is a fravriote to many a person, and is so lovely all the otters give her their beloved stones; the otters also serenade her with long songs such as Justin Biebers, Baby. They also have choreographed dance routines. She is a conductor of light for many a person and acts as a prism to scatter lots of rainbows. She is also very ferocious and has muscles the size of buildings, and tremendous lifting power. It is rumored that she could lift the great Blobfish of Denmark.
"How do I even begin to describe a Quinnicorn?"
"Quinnicorn is flawless."
"I hear that her hair is insured for $10,000."
"I hear she does car commercials, in Japan."
"Her favorite movies are Harry Potter"
"One time she met Draco Malfoy on a plane"
"And he told her she was pretty."
"One time she punched me in the face...it was awesome."
by Bluegnome June 12, 2014