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Being a Tegan and Sara fan to the extent of Twittering enough to make #sainthood a trendint topic on Twitter, with the help of others who also got Quinned.
A: Please RT: #sainthood #teganandsara #thainthood
B: Quinned!
A: ...
B: Okay, I'm retweeting. Care to get me a copy of Sainthood? :D
by discohospital October 27, 2009
The act of completely obliterating someone's previous statement by saying the word 'ok'. Even more effective than similar, 'Cool Story Bro'.
Them: "Hey dude.. I just got back from the mall with Lisa. She was super fun to hang out with, and she's exactly like me in every way you can think of."

You: "Ok."

Them: "I love you."

You: "Ok."

by getquinnedfoo May 03, 2011
To injure oneself in 5-a-side football (soccer) whilst under no pressure from the opposing team.
I Quinned my ankle yesterday, won't be able to play for a few weeks.
by A Whitby Wanderer March 04, 2011
When one guy stalks his target man, waiting for him to bend over then when given the chance, pounces and humps his target into submission.
Oh man, I was walking through a park, dropped my pen and all of a sudden some hobo quinned me. I felt so violated.
by Sir Ida Suk Cok November 10, 2009
being thrown off a fire escape/ rooftop / lighthouse, etc.
Why is that man splattered on the ground? He was just quinned.
by j4kk3d March 10, 2004

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