When amy squirts fudge from her vagina
Oops i quiffed guys.
by Brody April 30, 2003
when the poom poom farts. You know, them dutty gyals.
-".... oh damn bitch, that stinks!"
-"that borrito gave me the quiffs puto!"
by Spontaneous Combustion May 23, 2006
Quiff: Ultra cool (not super gay)
Man that guy sure is Quiff (Ultra cool)
That guy aint Quiff(ultra cool) he's wendle(ultra gay)

by Mike mc'nanor July 12, 2006
a girl's fart that comes from her vigina
her quiff reaaly stunk.
by steven April 15, 2005
a vaginal expulsion of gas often smelly
i was fuckin dis ho and she quiff'ed. damn it stank
by Psymonos March 24, 2003
The spurting sound made by the female genitalia when it is extremely saturated with sex fluids.
Man that girls stuff quiffs.
by phunnyphacephatty October 04, 2002
a hair vagina; cross breed of dog
that was one huge quiff.
by Meghan April 13, 2005

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