An amazing band from Minnesota who makes great music and are really nice guys.

Release the album "When All That's Left is You" in 2007, gaining them a fair fanbase. Many of their songs feature violin.

You can find them on MySpace.

Person 1: Have you heard of Quietdrive?
Person 2: ...No...
Person 1: You should listen to them! Specifically the songs "Take a Drink" and "Get Up"!
by Rachel Stetkis June 24, 2008
Amazing Minnesota band who is most famous for their Time After Time Cyndi Lauper cover. They have come out with 2 albums, 1 EP, and will be coming out with another album in December 2010.

It's made up of Justin Bonhiver, Kevin Truckenmiller, Brandon Lanier, and Droo Hastings(hastings is technically not a full member anymore).
Person 1: Did you hear Quietdrive is in the studio right now?
Person 2: No, I didn't.

Person 1: Well look them up on facebook and you can watch videos from the studio!

Person 2: Cool!
by jenbot July 16, 2010

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