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Quibbie Inc. was started in June 2003 by Chuck Brauer. Quibbie Inc. is a network of websites created off of one name, Quibbie. started in June of 2009 was the first site developed by Quibbie Inc. is a social networking site like MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter. has many features including blogs, forums,

videos, classifieds, photo gallery, quizzes, polls, groups, and some other features like one click profile customizing. was the second site designed by Quibbie Inc. in late June 2009.

This site features include a 1500+ video games arcade with shooting games, action games, puzzle games, arcade games, sports games, casino games, adventure games, and ton of other games with some videos. The bottom of site posts say they plan on having close to 12,000 games on this site in the near future. is the third site by Quibbie Inc. added in July of 2009.

A free dating site for singles 18 and up with paid membership with more features as an option. This site is very user friendly and come in 64 languages in 83 countries. With an advanced search option for zip codes, states, cities, age, or gender, this site is easy to use and easy on the eye. With the most expensive package as a Gold Member at $9.99 a month for every site option I would say this is a great bargain.

Quibbie Music Store the fourth site in the Quibbie Inc. network is an online music store. The store offers Cds, MP3 downloads, MP3 album downloads, and every type of music on the planet. With over 2.5 million Cds, and MP3 songs this site is huge. There are also a ton of free legal MP3 downloads offered here.
I am going to to watch videos and talk to my friends.
by Quibbie Inc July 24, 2009
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