Pussyfaggot. One word often used to describe ignorent people.
What did you do this weekend?

Hung out with a bunch of Qui's

Dang that shitty of a weekend.
by Starburst three nash November 19, 2010
Top Definition
A very Gay and annoying asian person who clears his throat a lot while trying to get you to do his work for him then complains to management that you aren't doing your job.
That Qui was over here shopping out his work again, we'll be in meetings with HR at the start of the week.
by Stan West August 20, 2004
cute ass guy that got nice stripper moves
Stacy: that guy over there got some nice moves
joyce: must be qui
by wengster January 07, 2016
No set definition, can mean anything and everything. Often used but not limited a substitute to for a curse word.
Dayum look at her big ol' Quis
What the Qui?!
Qui two one blast off!
by Quing Mustang October 26, 2010
thankyou / you're welcome
"Hey, your fly's down,"

"Oh, quis!"
by Raymyster September 05, 2003
A phrase to shout down the phone to a particular person.
A subtle way of saying 'You are a gay homosexual but im still going to waste 5p just to let you know you are'
by MURASAME June 10, 2003
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