A tasteful alternative to wtf, emphasizes confusion more and other emotions (such as anger) less.
*Person A walks in on Person B eating mustard out of the bottle*
A: Uh... question mark.

B: I had pizza for dinner yesterday
C: Did you put strawberries on it?
B: No, meatloaf.
by vx14 November 30, 2007
Top Definition
A humerous phrase added at the end of a question on instant messengers, SMS/Text messages, e-mails and any other form of informal electronic communcation.

Electronic equivellent of a raised eyebrow and chin stroke when asking a question physically.
Tell me, do you buy all of your lingerie from a second hand store question mark?
by KingCrapper May 19, 2011
1. An interrogation point, denoting that a sentence it is used in is a question.
2. Alternate way to say "What?"
Brown: "I went zablis abba carfth."
Kiko: "Question mark."
Brown: "... ..."
Kiko: "What did you just SAY?!"
Brown: "What did I just NOT say?"
Kiko: "Damn it Brown, you're such a wenile!"
Brown: "Thanks."
by Kiko February 02, 2004
The sudden increase in pitch at the end of a fart.
Person 1: *fart* *squeak!*
Person 2: Man! That one had a question mark on the end of it!
by Dyl-pod March 21, 2011
A punctuation mark used to denote a question.

Used to refer to an extremely large and curvy ass. I'll leave to you to decide what the "dot" means....
Mark: "Dude, did you see Jasmine? Now that's a question mark!"
T.J.: "Yeah, I would totally wreck that shit"

by Armon Sanders October 10, 2007
Someone whose sexuality is yet-to-be determined.
Shoshana: Is Mark straight or gay?
Kate: Mark's a question mark.
Shoshana: Alrighty-then.
by Noah Juarez June 06, 2005
A new ethnic group emerging in the 21st century.They are a mix of hispanic, black, white, asian, and native american. They have absolutely no allegiance to any ethnic group or race whatsoever and tend to be interested in performing arts and fashion. Most of the time, these Question Marks will have some sort of accent and dress like metrosexuals and divas. You know it's a Question Mark when you find yourself acting why does that black kid have dirty-blonde hair and asian eyes.

Famous Question Marks

Bruno Mars
Mariah Carey
The Rock
Laura: Hmmm I wonder if that new girl Skyler is black or spanish... she's a little weird looking

Cliff: Oh she's both and a little bit of Mongolian too

Laura: Oh yeah kinda like Bruno Mars, I guess she's.... hideous not gonna lie

Cliff: Agreed, total question mark
by greffold July 29, 2011
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