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used in the opposite situation as win, usually when something disappointing has been mentioned
A: I think I just failed a math test
B: Lose.

A: Fuck, Starcraft II doesnt come out for another year.
B: Double Lose.
by vx14 November 30, 2007
a word used whenever you feel like saying something but dont know what to say. normally used to confuse people
hey guess what?
by VX14 July 22, 2004
A tasteful alternative to wtf, emphasizes confusion more and other emotions (such as anger) less.
*Person A walks in on Person B eating mustard out of the bottle*
A: Uh... question mark.

B: I had pizza for dinner yesterday
C: Did you put strawberries on it?
B: No, meatloaf.
by vx14 November 30, 2007
cello, spelled wrong
can you spell celo? cuz i sure cant
by VX14 July 24, 2004

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