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A fan of Quest Crew who are of America's Best Dance Crew fame.
Damn, that questie is a hater.
#hater #fan #haterz #wannabe #lame
by livery April 07, 2009
A member of the Quest (advanced) program in the Lake Washington School District.
Student 1: Did you pass the Quest test?
Student 2: Yeah! I'm going to be a Questie next year!
#advanced program #questie #lwsd #redmond #lake washington
by Rosii August 30, 2009
A talented procrastinator.
I'm procrastinating on my goal of not procrastinating!

Well, that's ok. You're a Questie!
#procrastinator #homework #advanced #school #quest
by Yekatacooo April 16, 2011
A big supporter for America's Best Dance Crew season 3 winner Quest Crew . The name originated from the people on the message boards on . The name only got bigger when Quest Crew gave them a shoutout in a video . After that, everyone wanted to be a Questie, and started claiming themselves as one . Overall, all people who support Quest can be considered Questies, but the ones on the message boards will always remain the OGQuesties .
Person 1: Did you see that Questie defending themselves on the message boards from those BFF's ? (beat freak fans)

Person 2: YEAH ! I want to be a Questie now !
#quest crew #bff #winners #og #supporters
by TheRealDeallllll May 25, 2009
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