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An affectionate term for a friend who has made an error. The combination of queer and bender evokes the notion of homosexuality, but the two words merged create a double negative and therefore produce a heterosexual outcome.
I can't believe you knocked your drink over, you quender.
by loufoo October 16, 2009
8 4
A cross between a queer and a bender
Dean you are a quender
by James Brickman July 09, 2006
10 5
This is a combination between a Queer and a Bender.
A queer/bender refers to a homosexual.
(Bender not to be associated with the cartoon from Futurama)
Guy1:This bloke keeps trying to chat me up, it's really irritating.
Guy 2: Yeah, I wish there were a word to describe what an absolute Queer slash Bender he is.
Guy1:FUCKING HELL he's a Quender!
Guy2:Yes...yes he is.
by Archaon Darkheart September 19, 2011
3 2
An amalgamation of the words "queer" and "bender" this word appertains to Homosexuality. Originated in Stoke on Trent at the turn of the Millennium. BIG TARM!!!!!

I like a drink I do.....
"Look at 'im there - what a quender, shall we do him?"

"I do fancy it!"

"Big Tarm!"
by Stoke City QB's August 31, 2006
3 6