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1.) To become sick to one's stomach, usually by process of ingestion.

2.) To become sick to one's stomach due to distasteful sights, smells, etc.

3.) To knowingly and purposefully do something until sick to one's stomach.
1.) I ate so much cake, I'm startin' to queeze.

2.) Did you see that guy in the bike shorts? Queeze.

3.) Come on, let's hit some bars and get queezed out!!
by LemonLimeSkull May 11, 2009
(noun) Can mean a number of things (see other definitons), but in certain slang, it also refers to liquor.
You can drink as much queeze as you want, just don't boot all over the house.
by $.$ April 07, 2011
A queef / sneeze combo
Damn, girl, why you always queeze when you sneeze?
by browchub January 11, 2011
to describe a time of arival
"hey Pop, why you back from fishing so soon?"
"well son, just as queeze as we got out there the boat started sinking"
by J the "tooth" August 12, 2006
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