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(adj) used (in certain places at least) to mean stingy in the very negative sense. Does not have to refer to money, but usually does. Usually used when the speaker is referring to someone else who has wronged him or her.
Bob: Hey guys this was some expensive queeze so if you could each pitch in $10 I would really appreciate it.

Mark: Ok sure man.

Joe: Uhhh sorry, I don't have $10.

*Joe leaves*

Mark: Wow, what a douche.

Bob: Yeah, Joe is one stife mug.
by $.$ April 05, 2011
(noun) Can mean a number of things (see other definitons), but in certain slang, it also refers to liquor.
You can drink as much queeze as you want, just don't boot all over the house.
by $.$ April 07, 2011
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