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Homosexual weirdness.
The act of being both gay and weird at the same time.

See also: Queerdness and / or queerdo.
Sam: What's Brett's problem? He's wearing a dress!
John: He's acting "queerd" thats for sure!

Sam: Why is he wearing that dress?
John: I told you... he's a queerdo!
Sam: He's showing a lot of queerdness.
by Brett's master October 10, 2009
1)Trimming your beard into a thin hair boarder that typically runs right on the jaw line, popular with pretty boys who feel the need to spend all day primping in front of the mirror.

2)Weak attempt by testosterone deficiante males to grow a beard.

Rule of thumb, If it takes you longer to trim than it would to just shave it off, it's not a Beard Bro, it's a Queerd.
Hey dude, I hope you are about done working on your Queerd in there because I gotta drop the duece.
by Reg Dunlap February 13, 2009
Something that is weird, but also gay at the same time.
The "Rocky Horror Pictures Show"'s Dr. Frank N. Furter was pretty queerd.
by Harry W. January 27, 2009
a word derived from "queer" and "weird" meaning a sort of strange, unpurposefully gay circumstance.
Joe: "I could really go for a warm, juicy sausage right now."
Bob: "Dude, that was queerd."
by Cappn Rock July 17, 2010
A weird queer
someone who's wimpy and weird
an awkward gay person
Annoying little scrawny kids

"Yo look at that kid, he's so queerd!"
by dietspaz September 14, 2007
A combination of queer and weird, usually referring to a total jackass, or a member of TeH.
God damn Omar, your dad is such a queerd asshole!
by GODUKE2K1 September 04, 2004
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