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Queerbash is the name of a huge party in Limerick City. Started by Paddy McHugh to bring the Straight and Queer community together, it has been running since 2004
"O.M.G. You guys, Queerbash was awesome this year."
by LilPoundCake March 26, 2014
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Queerbash is a slang term for a gay boy.
The opposite for lesbian is 'queergash'
"Yeahh whatever toby, your such a queerbash"
"Oh my god rach, your such a queergash"
by Toby BBBBBBBB September 02, 2008
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to run a campaign on someone for being alone to much or jerking off to much
I crank bass past that guys house cause he never talks to anyone at the 7 11 , must be a fag , fags deserve a queerbashing
by Lou Cypher July 12, 2006
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