An art rock band. In an age where Chevelle, Trapt, and Hoobastank turn rock radio into shit; QOTSA comes and ressurects rock music. There music is extremely melodic, with a common beat and melody throughout the song, then they add awesome riffs that are really experimental sounding. Lullabies to Paralyze is the best album ever.
Most people don't have the attention span to appreciate Queens of the Stone Age,their songs don't pick up until part way into the song.
I am listening to "Broken Box" by Queens of the Stone Age while writing this.
by PeaTearGriffin September 06, 2005
Top Definition
The best fucking rock band ever.
They came, they rocked, they conquered.
by Johnny Cash September 12, 2003
(aka QOTSA)

Nigh on the best fucking band ever. Manage to blend balls-to-the-wall rock, mystic arty flourishes and dark sardonic humour into perfect tunes. If God and Satan copulated and spawned a child made of music, this would be the sound of its voice. Listen to their album "Songs For The Deaf" on acid and you'll understand. I did. So did the 10ft neon cowgirls who appeared in my loungeroom.
Thinking rockers prefer QOTSA.
by kid chameleon October 17, 2003
To properly describe Queens of the Stone Age one should refer to eargasm.
Songs for the deaf is like an orgy for your ears.
by James Johnson August 28, 2005
the best music to listen to when there's nothing but trapt, godsmack or good charlotte on the radio
Queens of the Stone Age rock so hard that when I hear them I get the urge to kick my dog.
by trapt eats horse crap October 30, 2003
Rock music's last hope. The true saviors of music in the modern day, no matter what anyone says. Each and every one of their albums will change your perspective in their own unique way.
The Queens of the Stone Age are so badass, if only(haha) there were other bands to equal their magnitude in the field of badassness.

Check RegularJohn out on soulseek for your qotsa boot needs.
by Regular John August 14, 2004
One of the best rock bands these days. Sometimes called the Apocalypse of the crap pop music around these days.
They have three albums:

1998 - Queens of the Stone Age
2000 - Rated R (Feel Good Hit of the Summer)
2002- Songs for the Deaf

Shut up, they rule. Fools.
by TheGreatSuperManWho'sCool October 29, 2003
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