1-Royalty and/or Supreme Ruler of the Rock n' Roll Era.

2-A collective group of beautiful individuals who produce unique melodys, tones and vocals that feeds the soul and cures the musical frustration of any intelligent human. Causing great delight and intense Bliss to it's listeners.
"ohh my god! this music is like Chocolate for the ears!"

" I want to Rub Queens Of The Stone Age all over my body"

"My life is now complete now that Queens Of The Stone Age are in my life"
by davi saills August 03, 2005
The Best Fucking Rock Band Ever!!!
I challenge any one to find any thing better than QOTSA So Fucking Good!!!
James Gose To His CDs and picks his Rated R Album so fucking good!!!
by James "Mr X" Smith January 18, 2004
An art rock band. In an age where Chevelle, Trapt, and Hoobastank turn rock radio into shit; QOTSA comes and ressurects rock music. There music is extremely melodic, with a common beat and melody throughout the song, then they add awesome riffs that are really experimental sounding. Lullabies to Paralyze is the best album ever.
Most people don't have the attention span to appreciate Queens of the Stone Age,their songs don't pick up until part way into the song.
I am listening to "Broken Box" by Queens of the Stone Age while writing this.
by PeaTearGriffin September 06, 2005
a band that plays rock music so awesome that you'll shit in someone elses pants
queens of the stone age discography

queens of the stone age(self titled)
rated r
songs for the deaf
lullabies to paralyze
era vulgaris

buy them all
by deadprez92 August 23, 2007
The best band in the world! GC SUX!
The Queens Of The Stone Age are a good band!
by Svexson September 15, 2003
THE best thing to happen to any music whore, or musician EVER!!!!!!! I mean, the best. If you don't like Wueens of the Stone Age, you're insane.
But I want something good to die for
To make it beautiful to live

Red heads Are The best...
by Cant Quit Me January 07, 2005
a good band, but its unfortunate that so many people like them yet they have never heard of kyuss, a 90s' band that all of the songs for the deaf lineup was in. qotsa is basicly kyuss reformed and not as good.
I thought qotsa was great but then I got "blues for the red sun" by kyuss and now its like comparing black flag to henry rollins band
by R.I.P. R+B March 27, 2005

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