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1. A hand gesture made consisting of a brief twist in the left wrist, whilst the hands are neatly cupped.
2. Called out when something exits or leaves the vicinity.
"Ha ha you fell off your bike! QUEEN'S WAVE!"
A ball is kicked over the fence so a Queen's Wave commences.
by RENEGATUS DOT COM October 09, 2003
The queen's wave is performed by waving in a queen-like fashion while getting your blowbuddy to sit on it and enjoy the ride.
Oscar sure loved his Queen's Wave and came back every Monday.
by gregjockca May 12, 2011
When something or someone abrubtly and savagely leaves the scene (usually against their own will).
1) 4 people are playing Super Smash Bros. Melee and somebody is smashed out of the arena, and everybody except for the person who was kicked out shouts "Ahhh, Queen's wave!".

2) A drunken baffoon is annoying EVERYONE in a bar and is finally chucked out, and everybody in the bar shouts, "Hah hahhh, ya got kicked out! Queen's wave!"
by BlaggaBrainZ October 16, 2003
An anal related manoeurve for patriotic Brits. Once you have successfully inserted two or more fingers into the anus of your partner, one should attempt a wave action resembling that of Queen Elizabeth II meeting her subjects to acheive maximum backdoor pleasure for him / her / it
One sunny day in Bethnal Green, Paul W gave the Queen's Wave to his chubby lover as she loved her stink being stretched
by Mr_Lover_Lover January 19, 2010
A hand position used during fisting. The fist is inserted into the anus, when inside the hand takes the shape of a queens wave
My rectum is throbbing in pain after that queens wave last night.

Honey will you give me a queens wave please
by d'ouvits July 29, 2012
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