A flamboyant homosexual, usually male, always FABULOUS.
"Fuschia? Honey, I'm not _that_ big of a queen."
by IAmANickyWarrior October 22, 2003
A borough in New York that is where your gonna go if all you wanna see is a bunch off pot heads and way too many dealers and a bunch of older guys at parks that think they're going to the NBA and if your out at night your sure to get robbed if you have bad hair your sure to get your ass cut and you will for sure get made fun of for wearing fake J's ( don't go there )
I went to Queens yesterday I can't believe people live there
by Ridgehood July 23, 2014
A glam rock band of the late 70's and 80's.
"Queen just rocks man"
by Emmi June 20, 2004
The most diabolical drinking game known to man. Someone at the beginning of a party is given a coin, and they can drop that coin in someone's drink at any time. Once the coin has been dropped in a drink, the person receiving the coin must stop everything they're doing and chug their drink. Can lead to nights of puking on closed toilets, sheets, and three hour long showers.

Named after the portrait of the queen found on British currency.
Dude, we shouldn't have played queens last night with that Walmart vodka, I painted his bathroom with puke and you guys thought I died in the shower!
by Diceh June 09, 2011
A girl that swallows after giving head.
When a girl is asked:

Question: "Are you a princess or a queen?"
Answer: "I swallow so I'm a queen"
by Liss20 November 10, 2010
The San Francisco Giants
The San Francisco Giants are a bunch of queens.
by Joe Dodger August 24, 2009
Refers to a Pound, the English currency.
Calles "Queens" or "Queen Papers" in slang because the bills have the face of the queen on them.
"I got 100 thousand queens, is that enough?" - Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels
by omriorion May 16, 2009
An awesome 80's rock band that sang famous songs like We will rock you and We are the champions
queen is a kick ass band
by Junkyardjimbo88 July 07, 2003

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