A mildly potent strain of marijuana. Generally classified as mids or baby crip.
We'll just get a half oz. of queens, some blunt wraps, and a few Dutchie's for the party tonight.
by Nico C February 17, 2008
The lesbian leader of a group of lesbians out on the town who gets serviced all night by the drone lesbians around her. Easily detected when she is carried on the shoulders of the drones every time the lesbian-nation anthem "What's Going On" by the 4 Non Blondes plays on the juke box.
That queen sure has an attentive group of drones.
by Roland819 November 23, 2006
University in Belfast.
My first year at Queen's is very fuzzy, it cost me £5,000 and all i have to show is a beer bely and a rash.
by Adrian December 10, 2003
cool, smart, hottay, amazing girl.

whoa, i wish i was queen! she is daa shizzz
by geezzyourcool January 26, 2009
20 Canadian Dollars.
. .
Because the 20 has the Queen on it. Duh.
Victorian: How much for spro DT Vancouver?
Vancouverite: Dunno. Coup Queen.
by anomalousvikingninja September 01, 2009
Definition 1: Royalty

Definition 2: A really cool Band

Definition 3: A some-what creepy guy that desides to dress-up as a chick
For D1: She is the Queen, ruler of all.

For D2: Queen has some of the greatest songs in history and is really cool.

For D3: (I don't have to do this one, right? I do?, ok) I saw a queen the other day and he was slightly creepy.
by VGclass August 13, 2009
A chess piece that can be used to substitute for a butt-plug if the bishops are missing.
"Hey Simon, I lost all your bishops, so I'm taking your queen."
by Father April 20, 2006

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