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A 'Queegle' (Also referred to as a Justusphile) is a person of large stature, weighing over 350 lbs, and only dates young teenagers from other states. These people are very easily spotted, and should be steered clear from.
"dude, the fuck is that?

"Thats a queegle. His girl lives in Washington"

"Shits not good"

"Hell nah"
by NeilJackson March 11, 2010
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A person of large stature, who only dates teenagers, that reside out of his/her own state/province.
Dude 1:"You see that fag over there? he's such a queegle. He's dating a 13 year old from Wyoming"

Dude A: "What? He's 450 lbs, and 17, almost 18! That's creepy"
by ScottHueston March 13, 2010

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