to suck the fart/queefs out of a dead rabbits ass/vadge
yo i heard lilly likes to queebo

dude ha mike likes to go queeboing
by boneyboydancer February 10, 2009
Top Definition
To suck the farts out of a dead rabbit's ass.
"Esther, did you hear that Lucy Johnsons husband was arrested and charged with misdemeanor beastiality last week for committing an act of queebo?"
by Velvetine March 22, 2004
Adj: A word combination of Queer and Bro. Used to describe a guy with an arrogant attitude. Also can be used as a teasing gesture to joke with a guy friend.
Ethan-Oh please, you can't resist me at all ;)

Alex-Oh my god, you are such a Queebo
by DerpBacon July 03, 2011
a queer + a hobo = queebo
"Hey bro, you know what would be hardXcore? If we went to go see Fall Out Boy this weekend."
"Dude stop being such a queebo."
by joshg4 May 01, 2006
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