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Verb: The action of making somebody giggle/laugh hysterically for a long period of time, causing others to become slightly aggrivated
John-*laughing at a joke*
Eric-Dude, shut up, I'm tryna watch Inception!!!
John-*crying now*
Eric-Shut the hell up John!!!!
John- I'm sorry dude
Eric-God I can't hear with you gigglefucking in the backround
by DerpBacon July 03, 2011
Adj: A word combination of Queer and Bro. Used to describe a guy with an arrogant attitude. Also can be used as a teasing gesture to joke with a guy friend.
Ethan-Oh please, you can't resist me at all ;)

Alex-Oh my god, you are such a Queebo
by DerpBacon July 03, 2011
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