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An anorexic woman with a yeast infection.
i went to mcdonalds and i ate a quarter pounder with cheese.
by jiggy fly May 11, 2004
An Anorexic girl with a yeast infection.
What do you call an anorexic girl with a yeast infection? Quarter Pounder with Cheese
by ohnoudidntgothere June 17, 2010
An Ethopian with a yeast infection.
-How do you kill 200 flies at once?
-Hit a quarter pounder with cheese in the face.
by GuidoPosse69 February 20, 2005
woman with a yeasts infection
I just ate a "quarter pounder with cheese"
by reelchip April 16, 2011
An Ethiopian with a yeast-infection
The Quarter Pounder with Cheese had to decide between eating that week or getting some sweet ointment for her snizz.
by Lifter5 January 05, 2008
When you visit mc donallds and say gimmi gimmi gimmi a man after midnight just for lols
Greg: It was so sweet last night i pulled an absolute Quarter Pounder With Cheese on the local mcdonalds

Steve: Niceness!
by haha your gay April 02, 2010
an anorexic slapper with mushrooms growing out of her cabbage patch snatch
"man that was the cheesest burger i ever have eater, way better than maccas quarter punder with cheese
by matt July 26, 2003