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To get extremely drunk, in an extremely short space of time.

Origins: Comes from the two words; 'Quickly' and 'Para' (Paraletic) to form the new word Quara. (Qu-ara)

(Pronounced: 'Qwa-ra')
Andy: Dan blud, I'm in Sainsburys, how much vodka do you want me to get for us before we go out?
Dan: I don't know mate, how much do you think?
Andy: Litre n a half? Not a problem.
Dan: Pal, we are guna be quara.

Andy: Last night was fuckin quality pal.
Dave: Yeah I know, proper glad walsh came out in the end.
Andy: I swear so many birds wanted it last night.
Dave: I don't think they did pal, think you were just quara.
by Can I? April 01, 2009
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you stupid Quara, stop touching my bum
by Az April 02, 2005
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