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Quane, pronounced "qwayne", is like queen but taken to the next level. Basic bitches think they're queens but the QUANE is the alpha. He/she is the omega. No one is better and no one does it better. The quane can't and won't be topped.
Person A: "Daaaamn did you see how Beyonce dropped that discography in the middle of the night without any promotion but still sold more than all these other female artists??"

Person B: "Yea that shit was crazy! She da quane for sure'

One up for the quanes in our lives!
by schmo13 December 23, 2013
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to quane: to act in a lazy manner unremorsefully; to expend no energy; to have no ambition for a given period; to intend to do nothing for the day except sit and slouch; to act in a manner unbecoming to a normal human
what are you doing today?
nothing really, think ill just quane it on the sofa

where is mark?
He is at home quaneing it

I was so tired I just quaned it for the day
by theshelb March 09, 2010

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