Right on. quality sometime spelt and pronounced quwell. Although that is only for special occasions.
"That sounds qual"
by Jeremy David November 14, 2003
Top Definition
An abbreviation for the word Quality. In the context of status. Quals is an adjective, used when the item being described surpasses the quality of everything else, by far, leaving only one word left - Quals.

Only to be used by the super-cool and often used more frequently when drunk and rowdy.
"This Spaghetti is quals."

-"Did you hear Andy got sucky sucky last night?"
-"No, really? Quals"

-"How was she, Andy?"
by Stann0rz March 05, 2008
short for Quality
dude did u see that shit go down... soo qual!
by Mason Wall December 24, 2003
To argue, or disagree on a topic.
Don't qual, work out your differences.
by Genhop March 13, 2015
Qualifying exam
I took my Analysis Qual yesterday.
by stepover12 January 09, 2009
Shortened version of the word quality. To be used as slang and or verbal communication. Should be followed by another slang word or term (see example)
Dude 1: yo, man! your moms dinner was qual af last night.

Dude 2: Really? Because I didnt notice, I was too busy with your sister. She's pretty qual in bed.
by danchap November 18, 2012
Not qualtiy. Used in a sarcastic frame
That party is Qual there are no chicks.
by Kirk August 30, 2004

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