A word to use in place of, "awesome," "cool," "groovy," "rad," "fly," or any other words to describe something you find amazing.
Man 1: Hey, have you seen Donnie Darko?
Man 2: Yeah, man. Quality movie.
by payinginpalaver November 13, 2011
Quality is fitness to use or we can say quality is perception, because all the people in this world will not have a same opinion about same thing, no matter how good that thing is in your point of view. If a thing is fullfilling my needs then I can say that it has quality but that might not be the instance for others as well because others may not like what I like! therefore we make perception about things knowingly or unknowingly.
For ex:- If I order something from the market that I need urgently but wasn't delivered to me at the right time that I can say that XYZ company is not providing quality service but for some other person if delivery time is not a concern then he will not critisize the company for the same reason.
by Punchaa July 21, 2013
Top of the line weed. Marijuana that often has a high THC content (gets you fucked up). It can be used 2 describe anything if you're high.
I smoked some mad quality reefer. Then i watched a mad quality movie!!! Then i drank and got ferjunked
by Garemy String October 12, 2005
A term often used whilst at old trafford or ibiza. it entails the having of a good time sometimes under the influence of alcohol.
that was one dope ass quality chris
i know will it was so good
by scottthedon July 21, 2009
this is an ironic use of the word, such as one might say "classy" when it was in fact not classy
Wow, that belch was quality
by Lwag November 10, 2009
recent addition to the dublin lexicon,means approving of a girls looks in the same way that youd talk about a car or your latest pair of runners
"your woman that works down in peter marks, ye know, that wears the rec coat, shes a fucking quality bird"
by chomskola August 07, 2006
highly acceptable; very good; quite enjoyed.
"dude, thats quality. i would do you myself if you werent you."
by Kat November 22, 2004
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