A Game that kicks (or more kicked) ass back in the good old days when I still played it... I've got it laying around somewhere, but I'd have to dust it off 1st... :P
"Quake" created by ID Software, to counter Duke3D
by BoNes October 23, 2003
To shake or tremble
To be be hyper
To be in need of a fix
1. That bitch be quakin.
2. Dude, you all quakin. You lookin'?
3. That airplane was quakin the whole time.
by Conz March 02, 2003
bomb, sweet, bad-ass
"How was the party?" "It was quake"
by blair livacious March 08, 2006
when me and your mama get it on
"I quake(d) your mom"
by Pomp February 15, 2004
Game produced by ID Software. Has fast-paced, mindless, frag-fest action.
Quake players (See "Quake Monkey") often spread to team-based games like Battlefield 1942 and ruin it with their score-whoring.
"Quake is home to abunch of n00bs."
by Brian September 10, 2003
Slang term for drinking alochol
I quaked so much last I threw up three times!
by pelicanjed January 24, 2003
v. The act of playing quake, to quake.
I was quaking last night so i didnt get much sleep...
by RabidGerbil March 14, 2005

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