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To go out looking for girls
"Let's polish off this vodka and go quail hunting."
by PCooper May 02, 2008
5 2
To shoot somebody in the face using a powerful hunting weapon. The act must appear accidental and is preferably performed in the style of Dick Cheney.
Dude: Yo, word on the street is Duane is bangin that sweet ass bitch of your's.

You: Shit, man, I know. I'm gonna have to take that dumbass, motherfucka out quail hunting this weekend.
by J.J. T. February 17, 2006
39 4
A failed hunting excursion that ends with at least one member of the party accidentally being shot by a fellow member.
"Bound ta happen, I reckon; we was out hunting when Billy Bob was shot by Bubba. Didn't know we was quail hunting!"
by TommyT February 14, 2006
27 11
1) A relaxing passtime when participated in in conjunction with your "friends."
2) An excuse to shoot someone.
"Let's play a game, we are quail hunting, i am the vice president, and you are my best friend!" -Carlos Mencia
by lastoftheidiots April 24, 2006
11 2
The act of hitting a teammate in a first person shooter. Also known as Friendly Fire
Dude, stop quail hunting! Your not Dick Cheny!
by Lucien Seffer January 19, 2009
3 0
The act of getting with cock hungry younger girls; Much like quail hunting, the process is easy and takes very little effort.

brian: Ay dog ay, i've been talking to michelle the past couple a days. Bitch wants my nutties.
Colt: how old be that slut?
brian: Incumin freshman
Colt: Figures. just some more quail hunting?
brian: Ayyyyyyminnnnn brotha.
by ColtDS August 04, 2008
4 2