To go out looking for girls
"Let's polish off this vodka and go quail hunting."
by PCooper May 02, 2008
Top Definition
To shoot somebody in the face using a powerful hunting weapon. The act must appear accidental and is preferably performed in the style of Dick Cheney.
Dude: Yo, word on the street is Duane is bangin that sweet ass bitch of your's.

You: Shit, man, I know. I'm gonna have to take that dumbass, motherfucka out quail hunting this weekend.
by J.J. T. February 17, 2006
A failed hunting excursion that ends with at least one member of the party accidentally being shot by a fellow member.
"Bound ta happen, I reckon; we was out hunting when Billy Bob was shot by Bubba. Didn't know we was quail hunting!"
by Tommyt February 14, 2006
1) A relaxing passtime when participated in in conjunction with your "friends."
2) An excuse to shoot someone.
"Let's play a game, we are quail hunting, i am the vice president, and you are my best friend!" -Carlos Mencia
by lastoftheidiots April 24, 2006
The act of hitting a teammate in a first person shooter. Also known as Friendly Fire
Dude, stop quail hunting! Your not Dick Cheny!
by Lucien Seffer January 19, 2009
The act of getting with cock hungry younger girls; Much like quail hunting, the process is easy and takes very little effort.

brian: Ay dog ay, i've been talking to michelle the past couple a days. Bitch wants my nutties.
Colt: how old be that slut?
brian: Incumin freshman
Colt: Figures. just some more quail hunting?
brian: Ayyyyyyminnnnn brotha.
by ColtDS August 04, 2008
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