A medium to large sized bird from the Turdidae (turdface) family. Mainly found on the East Coast but frequently migrates to the Northwest for it enjoys cold depressing weather. Black in color except for its yellow belly. A female Quackenbush has a pseudopenis, basically an enlarged clitoris, that they can erect at will. During sex, the male bird will sweetly put his wings over her eyes to make sure she doesn’t get distracted. If eaten this bird is highly poisonous and even in small doses cause psychosis.

The song of the Quackenbush is "I am Woman" by Helen Reddy.
"Is that a piece of poop? No it's a Quackenbush."

"I had a really good day today, I punched one of those Quackenbush birds in the face and killed it."
by StupidDumbassStain November 24, 2011
Top Definition
Van Quackenbosch From the forest of the croaking frog.
Quackenbush is an American last name based on a Dutch name (Van Quackenbosch). This name was brought to the Americas in 1654 by Pieter Van Quackenbosch his wife and 3 sons. In the Netherlands People were named by the reigon they live in.

The caot de arms is: Vrede In Rykdom!
It means: Wealth and happyness! More on this at www.Quackenbush.com
by Mainspring July 29, 2011
The sexual act of ejaculating into someones belly button and forcing them to drink it. After consuming the semen, they must leave your residence immediately. The quackenbush is an insult and can be done on either gender. No sex, blow jobs or handjobs may occur before or after the quackenbushing.
guy 1: dude, i quackenbushed this girl so hard last night!
guy 2: oh shit, no way! i got quackenbushed a week ago. it was humiliating

Girl 1: damn, this guy gave me the worst quackenbush
everyone: hahahaha what a loser
by DarkTemptation95 September 15, 2010
Noun: An untrained person who pretends to be a physician and dispenses medical advice and treatment with a giant bush.
The hairy chiropractor was such a quackenbush.
by Duane Quackenbush January 18, 2014
Good awesome craziness.
A: Excuse me, but I'm pretty sure Representative Joe Wilson said "July!" Joe wanted to remind Obama about that lovely week Barack, he and an illegal immigrant spent in Key West discussing health care reform and giving one another coconut oil massages.
B: You've just been Quackenbushed!
by Warmvolio September 11, 2009
Eating out a female with a very large bush, but eating as if you were a duck with a large beak
My partner Seth asked me last night if he could give me a nice big quackenbush, and I was very enthusiastic
by Jade:::333 May 20, 2015
Quackenbush is a term for the person with shorts riding up and stuck into the crotch, in a V-shape or wedge. This unfortunate condition can be bilateral (both sides); unilateral (one sided); frontal or rear. In severe cases in males, the nutsack is visible. This is known as a FULL Quackenbush. Females usually have an associated camel-toe situation. Quackenbush usually seen in hot climates, or seasonally, in Summer. Polyester can cause this. Abbreviation = Q.B.
Yo, check out this guy on the boardwalk with the FULL frontal Quackenbush - painful.

Saw a really nasty woman yesterday sporting a camel-toe AND a rear Q.B. Pass the eye bleach.
by yonkersbaby July 20, 2013

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