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Quietly laughing to myself

Instead of saying LOL say Qltm because youre not really laughing
Friend:*funny joke*
by Robert cool January 16, 2007
Quietly Laughing To Myself.

A more politically correct term compared to LOL, LMAO, or ROFL. Usually used over messaging systems (ex texting or instant messsaging) as a term to show a realistic emotion.
Person 1: Dude I tripped over the curb today
Person 2:QLTM Thats funny
by Dragon808 December 08, 2009
Abreviation for quietly laugh to myself, much more honest than lol(laugh out loud) wich no one actually does when texting.
Laura:Did you see that skumpkin today, damn he was oranger than a umpalumpa on a fall day.

Danny: qltms
by jeweater March 31, 2008
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