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synonym for queer, gay, a way to show the love one man has for another man.
zach and bret equal QURs
by teakayy April 22, 2010
Slang for the term queer; Abnormal, Weird
Shut-up you retarded qur!
by Qurman777 September 11, 2010
adj. 1.) short, high piched way of calling someone a queer, usually sounded in unison by several people at one time to make authority figures think your making bird noises
Person #1: Hey check out that qu'r!

Person #2: qu'r!

Person #'s 3-8: qu'r!

by Dustin Ross May 14, 2007
Synonymous to queers.
Sara and Ashlee are such little qurs.
by IWillKillYou August 21, 2006
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