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A symbol used to represent when you would like to kick someone's butt.

Tilt your head to the left and look at QK. It is a sideways stick figure ninja. Those who receive QK should be very afraid. Very, very, very afraid.
"Jane sent me a text the other day with only the letters QK written. What does that mean?"
"She wants to kick your butt, man."
by elayuarienx3 November 02, 2009
Qk is short for "Kuk" wich is the swedish word for male genitalia.
After pouring GT on your computer, you test it by screaming this in the nearest IRC channel.

23:13 * korvstativ said qk

And if it does not compute, you might scream this to make it more comfy:

23:13 * korvstativ said QK!!!!!!
by slarre December 06, 2006

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