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QFB is an Amateur Radio Q-Word that either asks if something is "Fine Business?" (Is it good - See definition of Fine Business on same site) or states that something IS Fine Business.
"VE7AAA to VE7BBB is everything QFB now with the system" "VE7AA it is now QFB"
by AndersonQF February 18, 2010
The opposite of QFT; Quoted For Bullshit.
Forum User 1: *insert bullshit statement*

Forum User 2: QFT!

Forum User 3: QFBS.
by a_guy_on_the_innernette May 31, 2010
QFB Stands for Queens Fly Boys. It is a Crip gang in FarRockaway, Queens, New York
those QFB boys are the best in the game.
by FarRock King August 11, 2011
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