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Stands For 'Quick Come Distress'. The Standard Distress Call Used Before SOS.
1: QCD
2: Help Is On The Way
by Alpha1Echo August 12, 2008
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QCD stands for Quantum ChromoDynamics, a modern theory in theoretical and nuclear physics, that has to do with the behavior and the properties of the elementary particles.
for example, a particle, according to QCD, is said to have its own quantum properties, which are the color, the flavor and the spin also.
by Mario Go September 17, 2006
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I'm not sure on this one, buy isn't it a shopping channel on that shite satelitte system known as 'SKY' (home to a thousand and one retarded Americanisms that gives everyone a really bad impression of everything American!)
" Hmmm, think I'll buy some nice flame retardant pearl necklaces or something...Should I go to Aberkrombie and Felch to get them?"

"No don't bother moving your fat, lazy, retarded arse just QCD them off of the telly!"
by STePPeNWoLFe September 17, 2006
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