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QCD stands for Quantum ChromoDynamics, a modern theory in theoretical and nuclear physics, that has to do with the behavior and the properties of the elementary particles.
for example, a particle, according to QCD, is said to have its own quantum properties, which are the color, the flavor and the spin also.
by Mario Go September 17, 2006
Stands For 'Quick Come Distress'. The Standard Distress Call Used Before SOS.
1: QCD
2: Help Is On The Way
by Alpha1Echo August 12, 2008
I'm not sure on this one, buy isn't it a shopping channel on that shite satelitte system known as 'SKY' (home to a thousand and one retarded Americanisms that gives everyone a really bad impression of everything American!)
" Hmmm, think I'll buy some nice flame retardant pearl necklaces or something...Should I go to Aberkrombie and Felch to get them?"

"No don't bother moving your fat, lazy, retarded arse just QCD them off of the telly!"
by STePPeNWoLFe September 17, 2006

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