I'll fuck you later. Used with "X" (Kiss) and "O" (Hug) at the end of a letter, card, or conversation with your fuckbuddy. Derived from how the captial letter "Q" looks.
Later, XX OO QQ

Happy B-day! XOQ
by JSR November 27, 2005
Code term for homosexual activity used in some British public (i.e. private) schools: from the shape of the letter.
You'll be expelled if they find out you've Q'd.
by Jim44 September 03, 2005
Q is short for the over the counter medicine NyQuil.
I've got a whole bottle of Q, that'll knock me out.
by rachel December 14, 2004
v. to 'Q'

1. The removal of one's kneecaps through the use of a large tool or heavy force.. usually done with a levering action.

2. When the kneecaps fall off because you're weak.

Named so, after the boy a.k.a. 'Q' who's knee's did not grow humanly at birth.. hence without the bone and muscles needed for normal movement, 'fall off' under strain. Usually due to the pansy walking.
"See that cripple on the floor over there? I Q'd him!"

(when kneecaps fall off) "I just Q'd.. bugger!"
by JaSam August 31, 2005
Internet based shorthand unrelated to but of the definition shared by a word describing an object holding many positive attributes
Damn, that bitches ass is q as a muthafucker
by John Metcalf November 08, 2004
To deficate; The letting out of bodily waste through the anus; Opposite of pee
Man i ain't gotta pee but i really gotta Q.
by Anthem W Doolan May 18, 2004
Q is a letter that stands for Queer. A queer is a homosexual commonly referd to as gay or lesbian. It serves as a good nickname for queers without many people knowing what u talking about
Look at that Q over there, he needs to stop porking men in the ass.
by Nigga Mine September 08, 2004

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