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The Power of Geology. Used when something geologic happens that is so amazing, it's beyond words.
Sue: "Look at that landslide! Wow!"
Beth: "That's PYOW!"
by jtjazzyjohn June 28, 2011
The verb: to pyow is the action of inflicting damage upon a virtual being. This is common in computer role-play games involving combat.


How the word is used:

Stem of the verb - pyow
Past tense - to have pyow'd
Present tense - to pyow/to be pyowing
Future tense - to be about to pyow/to be going to pyow


1. Pyow pyow!
2. I just pyow'd (that/a werewolf).
3. Watch me pyow (this werewolf)!
4. I'm pyowing (this/a werewolf).
5. I'm about to pyow (this/a werewolf).
6. I am going to pyow (this/a werewolf).
by DCHUK March 16, 2008

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