An object of which additional copies must be constructed.
You must construct additional pylons.
by Pick Yer Poison November 06, 2010
Top Definition
A building from the game starcraft, used by the protoss race. There can never be too many of this building, and they are required to build units. Additionally, these units provide the psionic matrix for warping in buildings.
You must construct additional Pylons.
by Renji9031 April 05, 2008
A Complete Idiot,Dumb ass or someone who is really quiet and loafs
joe crosses street without looking and gets hit by car.......... joe is a pylon
by eskabar June 23, 2006
A large pole like structure, often rounder. In modern times they are generally grey coloured and may hold up a roofor building.

In Ancient Egypt they were seen at the entrances to a temple.
Wow! That pylon is huge!

So glad we have that pylon there or else the roof would collapse for sure!
by pylooooooooooooooooooooon March 07, 2012
A motorist that drives at the posted speed limit or very close to it.

If we consider an observational reference frame at the posted speed limit, these motorists traveling at the posted speed limit are effectively stationary.

On larger roads, these "pylons" can be easily navigated around by any real drivers (motorists that travel safely while well above the posted speed limit).
On the road, there are two types of people:
Drivers, and pylons.
by malarky2020 December 14, 2009
The orange traffic cone on the sides of the road near the intersections to determine when and where the lane changes and to warn you when and where
I have a pylon i stole and forced every one to sign
by THATGUY! September 08, 2005
If said, the person must be beat on. Etymology is unknown, but guessed cos the word "Pylon" appears to be similar to the phrase "pile on," which depicts a single person being trampled by body slams continuously. If somebody says "pylon," beat them. Simple as that.
by supernakedparty April 13, 2008

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