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A last name from English origin. The name Pyke comes from one of the family having worked as a person who made or worked with a pickaxe.
Motto Translated: True to the end.
# David Alan Pyke (1921-2001), English Physician, Diabetic Department, King's College Hospital, London, made a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in 1986
# Magnus Pyke (1908-1992), English scientist and media personality, Chairman, British Association for the Advancement of Science
by Caveman! August 19, 2008
18 6
Sub-word for the word "own" or "rock"
"That pykes!"

"Pyke on!"
by namehere August 26, 2005
14 8
Someone who is really really gay or a word you can call your friend when they are being a faggot
your such a fuckin pyke
by johnyyyjoe February 22, 2008
10 23